May 7, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Masala Trek covid-19: day 55 | US: GA | info

Odometer Start: 22842 End: 22953; Trip: 110.4; Map

Another beautiful day demands another ride on the GS. I suggested that I get us dinner from an out-of-town place that we like, and we decided on Masala Cottage in McDonough. This would give me about a 100-mile ride. Sweet.

I headed north up 23—a pretty straight shot. Since we scheduled the food pick-up for 2:30, I was ahead of schedule by the time I got to Juliette, so I decided to take some photos. Of course I brought the Leica along. I have a top case now.

If you look closely at the last photo, bottom right, you’ll see the rectangular lens cap of my 35mm Summicron laying on the ground where it fell out of my case. I discovered it missing when I got home, and here’s where I dropped it. It’s an honest mistake, since I was still wearing my helmet, but that makes it no less irritating. Well, I’ll have to ride back to Juliette tomorrow to see if it’s still there.

Traffic started getting heavy around Jackson, and I actually took I-75 up an exit from Locust Grove. I made it to Masala Cottage right on time. With the food fit snuggly in my expanded Vario case, I headed south. I intended to take some back roads over to High Falls, but discovered that they forgot to put up road signs. Annoyingly, I ended up in Orchard Hill, well south of where I was supposed to turn. I checked Google Maps, and there was an alternate road I could take just south of me. Well, I missed that, too, and landed in Milner, GA. By then, I was too far south to take my intended detour, so I just headed back on 41, through Barnesville and Forsyth. Here are some shots from downtown Barnesville.

I stopped for another quick photo in Forsyth, before making the run back to Macon. Man, I love this bike—and the Indian food was awesome.

Leica Camera Information
Camera: Leica M (Typ 262). Lenses: Leica Summicron-M 2/50mm (Typ IV), Leica Summicron-M 2/35mm ASPH (Typ V), or Voigtländer Nokton Classic 40mm f/1.4 MC. Processed with Capture One Pro.