December 4, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Memes about Economic Inequality covid-19: day 257 | US: GA | info | exit

Happy Friday. Here’s a reminder that criticisms leveled at socialism are perpetrated more so by capitalism. Rich people are not better than the rest of us. They are just luckier. But it’s a moral failing to be a billionaire, especially when COVID-19 has unemployed and impoverished a record amount of Americans which the wealthy increased their wealth.

While I am more privileged than some, canceling the rest of my student loan debt (yes, I have been out of college for 20 years and have paid the principle in full already) would be a game-changer for me and my family. Yet, I have my doubts it will ever happen, as this is one way to keep the middle class in check.

Instead of buying a bunch of shit for Xmas, give away some of what you already have to the less fortunate. To me, this seems to be more in the spirit of the holidays than the materialist celebration of over-consumption that it has traditionally been.