April 17, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

A Typical Friday in the Apocalypse covid-19: day 36 | US: GA | info | exit

Not much to report today. The weather was lovely again. I was low-energy this morning, but I did manage to get my 30 minutes of run/walk in—trying to stay in the OTF green zone. I took an alternate route and ended up on the Wesleyan Arboretum trail. I had it all to myself, as the campus is “closed” even to those of us who used it for exercise. I wonder why they did that?

I made chicken and rice in the Instant Pot tonight based on this recipe. It was delicious—just what I’ve been craving. I’m adding it to my recipe list.

To get a few necessities, I took my weekly trip to Publix. It’s pretty much the same—not too crowded, but not dead either. I still couldn’t find Snyder’s pretzels, and they were a bit low on meat, eggs, and butter—though I did get all three. It’s odd wearing a mask, but most people seem to be. Noticeably, most employees are not, but they’re either distanced behind counters or newly-installed plexiglass shields. They have arrows and exes for traffic flow down aisles, though some jerks seem to disregard them. While they’re doing a good job trying to project normalcy, it’s all a bit weird.

Caught up with some friend via our regularly scheduled Zoom cocktail hour tonight, though only the Meir y Terans showed up. Still it was fun. And I made daiquiris after picking up some rum at the liquor store. (If I go to Publix, I go to Carriage Hills. I also got a bottle of Evan Williams white label—their bottle-in-bond offering that I’ll crack open tomorrow.)

Henry fell asleep early, so Autumn watched more Doctor Who. We have one more episode left, and the last two were better. The cybermen are back. It might be another week before we get to finish.

In all, a pretty good day.