July 12, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

MOM Starts Tomorrow covid-19: day 124 | US: GA | info | exit


Henry is supposed to start back to Montessori tomorrow, but Autumn has decided to wait. It’s a bit annoying, but I can see why she chose to keep him home. With cases rising everyday, Montessori probably won’t be back long. It’s a shame because if they go back to fully online, we probably will not keep paying. This could be devastating for them if other families follow suit, but I just don’t think Henry really gets anything out of the time he spends on Zoom.

Again, my thanks to our state and federal government for prolonging this mess. You guys are really tops. I know you only care about money, but the longer this goes on, the worse your economy is going to get. Unless we get a vaccine soon and dump the Republicans, the outlook for the US is grim.