May 13, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

. . . covid-19: day 61 | US: GA | info | exit

Not much to report today. I was insomniac last night, so felt tired most of the day. I did take a walk this morning, just to try to move my body. I thought about riding, but didn’t.

I played with Rever a bit. Their map tools are pretty cool—easier to use than Google’s for this purpose. That said, I can’t see following a route on their platform when Waze is so much better. Still, it looks like a good social community to share and discover rides. There’s a dearth of them around here, though. I guess it’s up to me to remedy that? I planned out a ride to Pine Mountain. I wonder if there's a way to plan a route on Waze?

I also tried to install some software on one of my Pis, but had no luck, really. Lidarr is weird and Organizr just doesn’t work. I’m too apathetic to troubleshoot today.