May 14, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Road to Empanada covid-19: day 62 | US: GA | info | act

Today was another food run: this time to My Grandma’s Empanadas in Warner Robins. Autumn discovered this gem a little while ago. They are only open for lunch, and once they’re sold out, then you’re SOL. We ordered a sackful that I could pick up at noon, and I was off.

I decided to try Rever to track my ride. It started out fine, but I got half-way down the street, and the damn screen went off. This seems like a flaw. I immediately regretted not using Waze, and there was nothing I could do about it on my ride, so I just left it off for the duration wondering if it was even recording.

OK, WTF? No one was wearing a mask except for me, and it was doing a pretty good business. This is Cheeto country, but c’mon, folks. You can’t be as stupid as he? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Of course, they only had one all-the-way empanada—when we had ordered four. They substituted pork, which is also good. It’s all good, so I couldn’t be that upset.

With my top case laden with empanadas, I headed south and fueled up. Heading east on GA-96, I stopped at this boat ramp—a place that was closed because of high water the last time I passed by here. It wasn’t all that impressive, but I got a couple of photos.

GA-96 continued north-east. Today was warmer, but it was lovely at speed when I could get around the many trucks. Next stop was Jeffersonville, GA.

It was about 25 miles on GA-80 back to Macon. The loveliness continued, and this road introduced some more curves and hills. I didn’t realize Georgia could be so nice. Then I got to Macon. And the traffic. And the aggressive F-150 drivers. And the perpetual construction. Still, I stopped for one more photo op downtown. Macon, too, was a bit of a contrast from Warner Robins: while I really didn’t see many more masks, there was not as much bustle. The people I did see were solitary and dispersed. Downtown felt empty, really.

Back home on the porch, Henry, Autumn, and I feasted on empanadas. Man, they are exceptional.

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