September 17, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Upgrade! covid-19: day 191 | US: GA | info | exit


I wasn’t going to do it, but I did. My Apple Watch is a Series 3, so I feel it was time to upgrade. The larger, always-on display; new faces; the new band; the redest (product)red. I just got the GPS version without cellular, which saved me on the initial cost and will put another $10 a month in my pocket. I traded in my stainless steal series 3 watch for $100. Yeah, I probably could have made more by selling it on the eBay, but not enough to justify the hassle and the eBay-PayPal-tax.

I was gonna buy a new iPad, but the latest iPadOS gave my agèd iPad Air 2 new life. It’s almost perky now. I think I’ll just wait until it dies.

Oh, and I finally got an Apple Card. Resistance is futile, I guess.