June 21, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Father’s Day covid-19: day 100 | US: GA | info | exit

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 11.38.31 AM.jpg

Thanks to my family for a great Father’s Day. I was able to run this morning, and I spoke to my own Dad via FaceTime (he’s a true expert with the iPad: see the image to the right). I received some nice gifts, had a nap, and planned a beach trip. We ended the day with a bit of TV, and I started a new book: Charles Stross’ short-story collection Wireless. I’ve started with “A Colder War.”

I’m a lucky guy to have such a great family. Ultimately they are the most important part of my life—the major reason I live it. Sometimes having a day like today is a good reminder.