November 3, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Election Day covid-19: day 227 | US: GA | info | act

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious as hell. This is it: time to see what America is really made of. Was the ’Rump thing just a fluke, or does he really represent ’Merica? Will the slide of equality and fairness prevail, or is this the age of avarice and hate? I know: even if we the people vote him out, he might not leave. This could be a true crisis for our democracy. I’d like to think we’d do what the women in Poland are doing now—hit them where it hurts—in the only place they care about: their wallets.

On this, day 227 of our Covid nightmare and four-times longer than that of our president nightmare, we desperately need a change. I think we could begin by taking back our democracy: no more of this rule by a minority. Republicans, face it: you have let ’Rump drag you too far to the right. you have been complicit and even supportive of his autocracy, and your time of winning through cheating is over. I think most people—ones who have not joined the cult—have the sense enough to look around and see the rampant inequality that has infected this country. Enough is enough.

This isn’t just a disagreement about politics, as my brother would have it, but an existential democratic crisis. No, Joe Biden is not the savior (as if there cold be such a thing), but he is one who can get us back on the right track. The real victory would be taking back Congress from the minority of ideologues who care more about making the Supreme Court another Spanish Inquisition than providing relief to the millions who are out of work because of a pandemic. Face it: our current government does not represent the people, but only the politicians’ own narrow self interests.

Let’s vote them out today. C’mon, America.