October 29, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Pi Updates covid-19: day 222 | US: GA | info | act

I’ve been trying to get Radarr working on my Raspberry Pi for a while now, but kept running into trouble. I would either have package errors, or even when things seemed to go OK, the search wouldn’t work. It was unstable and unreliable and unusable. I did not try very diligently to fix it until today.

I followed this excellent tutorial (though it is incomplete and does have a couple of errors), and I finally managed to get Radarr working. I’m not sure what the issues were (I think it was Mono), but this one seems to have remedied them. I also am running the 32-bit version of Raspbian (I’m not sure why), so I had to make those tweaks. I even strengthened my Jackett install. Thanks, Rakhesh.

Now, I’m thinking about making this little Pi my total media server, excluding Plex which will stay on the NAS. I was able to install openvpn without too much trouble, and now I’m going to work on a command line version of Transmission. . . . And it’s a success!

Interestingly, I put all the feeds in Jackett, and when I restarted it today, the API key had changed and most of my feeds were missing. I added them back, but I wonder if they’ll stay. I really need to restart the Pi to see if everything works as I think it should. Tomorrow.

I will likely put a Calibre server on this Pi, too.