June 20, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

F- No! covid-19: day 99 | US: GA | info | act


For all of you who voted by “holding your nose” last time, I hope that you have realized the error of your ways. I know there are some out there beyond hope and reason, but don’t be fooled again by the promises of this con man. Or next time, the consequences will be more dire.

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Today, we took Henry on his first official play date in almost 100 days. He and Adeline played in their back yard for a couple of hours—she was so happy to see him. No, kids don’t socially distance, but I think it’s OK. We’ve all been as careful as we can be, and based on how the rest of the world has decided to forget about COVID-19, I figure we’re all gonna get it anyway. Thanks to the poor leadership in this country and this state, those who are dying now are the sacrificial lambs of capitalism. Well, as long as the economy is healthy, what’s a couple of hundred-thousand deaths?

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Norman Mailer Society member Chris Busa passed away today. He was one of the first people I remember meeting as I joined the Society back in 2006. He was kind and enthusiastic and welcoming. For me, he was a person I could always rely on seeing at the latest conference. He had missed the last couple, but I recently saw him in a Zoom meeting of the Executive Board—just days ago. His passing was a shock to most of us. Chris, you will be missed.