July 16, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Back to School covid-19: day 128 | US: GA | info | exit

The big topic is reopening schools. Georgia’s “governor” is suing the city of Atlanta for trying to mandate masks, and Education Week notes he “compared the coronavirus to a ‘stomach bug’ at a news conference.” As if it wasn’t obvious who Kemp works for, he’s certainly showing it in his decisions.

He and ’rump are ready to sacrifice as many as need be for their rich friends. How come more people aren’t talking about this whole drive by the Republicans to go back to normal is a crisis of capitalism? Is it anything else? And the crisis is the wealthiest stand to lose the most, though it hasn’t happened yet.

These are the most dire consequences that I have seen for electing people who do not care about people. When money and the power that goes along with it are all you care about, well, you’re ready to employ any (self?) deception necessary to keep the status quo moving. It really is disgusting. And the saddest part is there are dupes who still support these people.

Here are some memes.