September 26, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Damnatio Memoriae covid-19: day 189 | US: GA | info | exit


This upcoming election will either be the end of this great democratic experiment or the beginning of a new phase of it. I must say: like everyone else, I am nervous. The loudest voices in this country often seem to be the most idiotic, misinformed, or downright evil. I have been on the verge of despair a couple of times over the last four years. I’m not sure my generation can do much more here, and we really will not be the ones as adversely effected by this sharp shift right. I just hope the younger generations show up: they will really be the ones who will make a difference.

Regardless, the meme below that calls for damnatio memoriae for ’Rump is OK with me. If Biden is elected (seems likely) and manages to actually assume power (seems less likely), and we get a Democratic majority in the senate (again, likely), we can at least send McConnell out to pasture and impeach ’Rump again. Wishful thinking? We still have some dark days ahead regardless.

Vote, Georgia. I received my absentee ballot a couple of days ago and plan on dropping it off on Monday. Vote!