May 3, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Sunday Ride South covid-19: day 52 | US: GA | info

Photo by Autumn. After lunch and ready to ride.

Odometer Start: 22669 End: 22751; Map

Cheryl invited the use for lunch, so what a perfect opportunity to put some more miles on the GS. After my run this morning, I tried to get some of the grime off of the wheels, but had little luck. The Magic Eraser did help a bit, but it appears to be greasy build-up that requires a certain product. I just need to figure out what. I also took off the useless (and ugly) highway pegs and the equally useless phone mount where my GPS should live. I should probably look for another at some point. I’ll put it “on my wish list,” as Henry would say.

I took my normal route south to their house, via Byron. The day was warmer, but as long as I was moving, the temperature was comfortable. I stopped in their orchard for a couple of photos—I was able to bring the Leica along today because I have a top case! Lunch was the usual affair: a great meal by Cheryl and right-wing parroting by Robert. At one point, he even brought up how well 43 is handling the Coronavirus response; Autumn gave me the let’s-not-engage tap under the table. Why ruin a beautiful day? Well, gotta go: this new motorcycle can’t ride itself.

After lunch, I headed east on a familiar route, through Kathleen, Bonaire, and north on GA-23. This is a lovely road, a bit hilly, and a bit windy, frequently tree-covered. I stopped by an abandoned store for another couple of photos.

Another lovely ride, yet I was beat when I got home. I guess I’m not used to riding two days in a row. I have to build up my endurance. I’ll take it easy if I ride tomorrow. I feel a bit of urgency because it’ll soon by 100° in Georgia, and I likely won’t be able to ride much in that.

Leica Camera Information
Camera: Leica M (Typ 262). Lenses: Leica Summicron-M 2/50mm (Typ IV), Leica Summicron-M 2/35mm ASPH (Typ V), or Voigtländer Nokton Classic 40mm f/1.4 MC. Processed with Capture One Pro.