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From Gerald R. Lucas

Юпитер-8 50mm f/2 M39

A Zeiss Sonnar copy by the Soviet Union, the Jupiter-8 is a stunning performer with a low-contrast and a beautiful color IQ, maybe with a hint of vintage glow on highlights. It’s not the sharpest lens in the kit, but it is sharp enough, usually correctable in post. This copy has fairly significant cleaning marks on the front element—which may lend to the subtle glow, but they do not appear to unduly affect the image. Focus is a bit tight, and the aperture does not click, so it’s easy to bump and accidentally stop down. Still, if you’re patient and diligent, this one is fun to use and a bit easier than its faster brother, the Jupiter-3 1.5/50.

The more I use this lens, the more I like it. The rendering has a subtlety not shared by, for example, the Helios 44m. The Jupiter-8 feels more Leica-like, while the Helios is closer to a contemporary DSLR rendering, more contrasty and sharp.

Purchased: 01/2021

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