Writing on Science Fiction

From Gerald R. Lucas

Even before my professional interest in literary studies, I was an avid science fiction reader. Even part of my dissertation addresses the genre. Here are some of my writings about sf.

Date Title Note
2016-08-19 Utopian Fiction Published as an introduction to a course on utopian and dystopian science fiction.
2010-10-25 Clarke’s Utopian Vision Considering the science and mysticism of Arthur C. Clarke.
2009-03-15 Breaking the Girl An examination of misogyny and oppression in Ovid, Poe, and Lem written for the PCA/ACA conference, 2009.
2006-02-02 They Should Have Sent a Poet Discusses teaching Contact in World Lit.
2004-10-10 Three Visions of Science: Lem’s, Tarkovsky’s, and Soderbergh’s Solaris.” Written for the FSU Literature and Film Conference, Fall 2004.
1995-04-17 Toward a Science Fiction Epic One of my oldest graduate school essays and my first conference paper, 1995.