May 19, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

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While waiting for my Audi to have its oil changed and inspection, I drove a 2020 GTI manual. Yes, it was fun. And while the salespeeps did their best, even 72 months at 0% with my trade-in would still be too high a price to pay. I wasn’t even tempted, really. I’m not sure the ten minutes of fun I had was worth the subsequent hassle.

I picked up some more empanadas on the way home. Yum.

I finished Neil Peart’s last memoir Far and Wide today, too. The whole last chapter was about Rush and their last concert, making up for the dearth of Rush content in the rest of the book. Reflecting on his long career, Peart paid homage to three drummers who died young: Keith Moon, Dennis Wilson, and John Bonham. “The cost of living is heartbreak,” Peart acknowledges, especially in their cases, but he uses them as foils for his luck, success, and longevity. The ending was, despite the weightiness of the book, celebratory—as it should be.

I may just read his other three memoirs now, to keep this journey going. (On a related note, I notice that Peart’s web site just has a photo of him now. There used to be so much content there; I hope it will return.)