July 25, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

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How we measure success in the country really is a big problem—perhaps our biggest. Usually this aligned with a career and material wealth, which often make us shallow, bitter, nasty, and insecure. Saving the economy is one of the things that got us into the mess we are now with COVID-19. We work so hard to grow the economy for the few who don’t want to share it. If we’re lucky, we get a little taste, probably just enough to keep us working. We have health care only through employment, so if you don’t work enough, you’re out of luck if you get sick. And because our health-care industry and health insurance are profit-driven, good luck getting the care you need without going bankrupt.

The system works perfectly for those it was designed to serve: the wealthy. Why are we all still buying into this myth? Let’s stop tryin to be successful, and be humans. Or, maybe it’s really time to reclaim those things that were stolen from us centuries ago?

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I’ve been working on this site’s categories, I think I finally have a handle on it. I have one big category, Meta, under which all others fall. There might still be some issues, but I think the structure is much more promising now.

I have also been playing with the idea of index pages for journal entry years. I’ve done a few for the oldest years. This way, I can associate titles with dates. My journal structure—using dates rather than titles as page names—has always bothered me a little bit. I know that a search works just fine, but the OCD part of me wants a list of titles, too. Maybe it’s not worth it? It would be a lot of work to redo these thousands of entries.

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I got really angry with Autumn for being herself today. She went to a bridal shower, and I expected her back fairly early with lunch. She took hours longer. This is very typical of her, and I should know better. I should have just taken Henry to a drive-thru and been done with it. Maybe I’ll learn one of these days.

Henry and I finished season four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars while we waited. I think it’s just a bit too violent for Henry, really, especially since the introduction of Savage Opress in the third season. It got dark quickly. Still, we’re invested now.