September 21, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Yep, It’s a Monday covid-19: day 185 | US: GA | info | exit

This morning I dropped my Apple Watch, face down on the hardwood floor. Yes, the face broke and popped off the watch. There goes the $100 I was gonna get for a trade-in, and I got news this morning that my new watch has shipped. Yep, it’s a Monday.

Continuing the Monday trend: I finally finished my neglected grading this morning. Yay. But, instead of doing real work now, I have to complete mandatory FERPA training today. Yeah, they let us know about on the 15th, but it’s due tomorrow. Thanks for the notice. And I’m sure there’s much more I can learn about FERPA this year. I know FERPA is important, and at least it’s not as stupid as having to take driver training every year. Add this to annual cybersecurity training, ethics training, etc., this is soon gonna be all we have time to do. All part of EduCorp. I guess this training is all part of keeping middle management busy.

. . .