August 29, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Web Site Updates covid-19: day 172 | US: GA | info | exit

Nto too much to report today. I did some web site updates, porting some old stuff from my Wordpress archive site. There’s quite a it there that needs to find its way here at some point. Maybe if I did a month’s worth at a time, I could eventually get everything moved. I’m not too concerned with the bloggy stuff, but essays and such need to be moved.

I’m looking forward to my first cheat day tomorrow—well the first since I’ve started being strict again. I really look forward to logging my first weight and measurements on Monday.

Henry and I are on our own this evening. Autumn is staying at her parents to prepare for Cason and Audrey’s wedding shower tomorrow. I feel some Clone Wars is in order, and I’m going to grill chicken wings.

Have a good weekend, all.