November 17, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

To Greenville covid-19: day 240 | US: GA | info | act

My GS informed me that it’s maintenance time. That was fast, but I guess I did put some miles on it this summer—about 2000 or so. It seems like more. Well, I decided to get the oil change and once-over done in Greenville, so Giles and I will head up there today. We’ll drop the bike at Touring Sport this afternoon, so they can get started on it tomorrow. Meanwhile, he and I will entertain ourselves downtown—probably with masks on and cameras in-hand. Of course, today and tomorrow are cold than it has been in a while, but the sun is supposed to be be shining both days. I should be able to handle a bit of cold.

I’ve been thinking about getting a full touring suit, too. I really like BMW’s Rallye suit with the red details—it would match my bike pretty well. I need new boots, too; I kinda like these. New gloves would also be nice. Now, who has an extra $1500 for me? Other than the price, I think what’s stopping me from just getting the suit is size: I want to be sure it fits right. This means trying it on. Maybe Touring Sport will have a couple.

I’m pretty excited to ride, even on a little trip like this. I’ve been thinking lately about what grounds me, and I think motorcycling has to be high on the list. There really is nothing like it to keep one in the moment. When you ride, you must be in the moment, undistracted, mindful. You life literally depends on it. Sometimes my mind does wander, but like meditation, I always bring it back to what I’m doing and, more importantly, what’s going on around me.

OK, I have to pack. More later.

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Giles and I rode just over 200 miles to Greenville this afternoon. The temperature was a pretty constant 67°, but because of the wind, it felt colder. Still, the day was beautiful, and we took some roads I’ve never been on before. It’s a bit of a bummer following a car; I would have liked to stop once or twice to take a photo and stretch my legs—something that drivers don’t necessarily think about. That said, it was truly lovely. I did get a couple of photos at our one stop.

We arrived at Touring Sport a bit before 5 and dropped off the GS for service in the morning. Giles and I checked in to our hotel downtown and had an Indian meal. It was good to catch up. I don’t think we've had a meal in a while.

I’m pretty tired—I didn’t think 200 miles would take so much out of me. I’m old. Tomorrow is another big day.