October 15, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Project Mailer Update, 2020 covid-19: day 208 | US: GA | info | exit

Outline for my panel presentation for the Norman Mailer Society Virtual Conference, 2020. Let me know if you want to help with any of the following: gerald.lucas@mga.edu.

  • The Faith of Graffiti
    • Written by my graduate students and me in the spring
    • An official WP “Good Article”
  • Superman Comes to the Supermarket” on WP
    • Discuss in the next panel
  • Lipton’s Journal
    • Looking for an intern or two to assist
    • Everything still under construction, so anything here now could change
      • Everything is annotated, either in-text or with links to Wikipedia
    • Mailer/Lindner Correspondence
      • Introduction by Susan Mailer
    • Lipton’s General Introduction
      • Historical, biographical, thematic, textual, and logistical
    • Entries
      • Trying to get a functional and logical presentation for the project
      • Should be searchable, primarily
      • May try to construct an index of names and ideas
  • Student Editors
  • Proposal: New Page on WP: “Themes in Norman Mailer’s Work” (Initial Themes)

How you can help