August 3, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

First Day covid-19: day 146 | US: GA | info | act

2020-08-03 07-54-57.jpg

We really shouldn’t be going out at all. We should still be isolating, but the idiots that we elect care more about money than people’s lives. That’s the fact of this country right now, so today we begin truly risking our lives so rich people can stay that way and the status quo is upheld despite the fact it doesn’t work for most of the country.

While Henry was excited to go back, I know it’s wrong to send him. Yet, we have been put in this position by a government that’s supposed to help us. I guess we have finally failed. Has this great democratic experiment come to an end? Is this it? Are we a nation of children and fools? It seems so, since that’s who seems to be in charge. Do these people really represent us? Is this what we deserve?

Henry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that the country is this way, and that we’re putting your life at risk. We have had the choice made for us by the greed and incompetence of our obdurate and ignorant Powers-that-Be. Autumn told me that one of her Facebook friends was a bit more ambivalent: apparently she said “They’re in God’s merciful hands. He will watch out for them.” Or some such nonsense. This is the faith of the foolish, and one of the reasons we are where we are. I seriously can’t understand why people actually believe this bullshit when there is absolutely on evidence to support it. Children and fools.

Maybe we deserve it. Maybe this is a biblical plague meant to demolish our hubris as it takes the lives of those who have no choice. While I search for a meaning, I must not fall into despair. Hopefully we can weather this and maybe get back on track soon. I’m just having trouble with the current darkness.

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