March 7, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Pi Is Up

I received my Raspberry Pi on Thursday and had Pi-hole installed in about an hour. How awesome is that? The most difficult step was locating my headless Pi on the network, since Apple’s Airport Extreme is useless when it comes to router information. In fact, I’m going to have to replace that soon. I wonder if I could use the Pi as my router, or is it best just to have a router/Wi-Fi base station to do all of that? More research is called for. Presently, I’ll be pleased with Pi-hole blocking ads.

Here’s a photo from today twelve years ago.

2008-03-08 16-36-43.jpg
Canon Camera Information
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XT1, Canon EOS 30D, Canon EOS 5D, or Canon EOS 6D • Prime Lenses: Sigma 10mm f/2.8 EX DC Fisheye HSM, Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM, or Canon EF f/1.2 85mm L USM • Zoom Lenses: Canon EF f/2.8 16–35mm L, Canon EF 24–70mm L, Canon EF 70–200mm L IS USM, Tokina AT-X 124 AF PRO DX 12-24mm f/4 • Processed with Apple Aperture.