September 16, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Grading Day covid-19: day 190 | US: GA | info | exit

All day long, and I’m still not finished. I had some folks in my WritDM class drop—a bit annoying because now I’m going to have to finish their MR projects. I had this student drop who was also reported as a no-show at the beginning of the semester. He made a fuss, and despite my prediction that he would not be successful anyway, I went through the steps to get him reinstated. One;y to find out he dropped the class today. Very rude. And it makes me want to put in my policies: if you are reported as a no-show, you will not be readmitted to the class. Bye, Felicia. ✋🏼


Oh, and here's a way not to email your professor. This was the whole body of the email:

I do not understand how I got a 0 on the Adventure assignment, it would not load for me and I had no clue it was a assignment I thought it was something like notes.

Seriously, what am I supposed to say to this? From a student in a writing class. I enclosed the screenshot of the syllabus to the right in my reply. Is that ambiguous? My reply was kinder than this sort of huffy email warranted. I’m getting soft in my old age. Or is it EduCorp panopticon influencing me? I did inform the student that if I ever got a similar email again, I would not answer it. That’ll show ’im.

That said, most of The Mailer Review projects are coming along nicely. With some help from me and my trusty editor Jules, most of the articles are coming along. We should have volume 2 of the Review ready for primetime in a couple of weeks.

Now, I just have to get going on “Lipton’sall by myself.