April 2, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Getting Serious—Even in the South covid-19: day 21 | US: GA | info | exit

According to The New York Times, the south has yet to take stay-at-home seriously: “Where America Didn’t Stay Home Even as the Virus Spread.” These red states are red for a different reason now. I still hear these governors talking about balancing economic concerns with the spread of COVID-19. See for example, this paragraph from The Macon Telegraph yesterday:


When will these guys realize that there are things more important than money? While ’rump has backpedaled on his wish to have the US reopen on Easter, that desire shows what’s really important for Republicans. Like the perennial scumbag Rick Scott. And McConnell. And this assclown. I think they realize that if the economy were to substantially change as a result of this, rich people would no longer have an advantage. They couldn’t look down on or demonize poor people anymore. You bet there are racial overtones to this. The stimulus bill seems to fail or erect barriers for the people that need it most. So typical.

And President Cheeto makes it all about himself. What a failure. Fail fail fail.

The Brunswick News states Kemp’s intentions a bit differently: “Kemp to issue statewide shelter-in-place order beginning Friday,” and it will be in effect until April 13. No details are known about his plan yet: “He said the order will lay out all the guidelines on how Georgians are expected to stay home and what services and businesses will remain essential.”

That said, we received this statement from MGA president Blake this morning:

Well then. I am scheduled to teach fully online, so this should not impact me too much, unless students just decide to take the summer off. You know, I wouldn’t blame them a bit. As of now, I have 17 students registered, so we’ll see.