May 11, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Bonfire and iPhone Holder covid-19: day 59 | US: GA | info | exit

After getting some good advice in the GS Forum, I ordered the Moto Mirror Bundle for my iPhone X from SP Connect. I received it today, and I have to say: it looks great on the bike. I had no problem mounting it to the GS’s GPS bar, and the iPhone fits perfectly, like it was made for it. In all, it’s a clever system that feels very secure on the bike. I even like the case for the phone. Check it out:

My USB adaptor arrived yesterday, so I seem to ready to use my GPS now. The USB cable I had in my Audi works fine, but it is too long; I might need a 1-foot cable. Since the phone fits so well, I might have to get the wireless charging module. I’ll probably take my first ride with it tomorrow. Maybe to High Falls. Man, I want to go to the mountains.

We had a bonfire this evening to burn the rest of the leave and limbs that littered our yard this winter. The lawn crew can’t be bothered to do it, so it was up to us. We had accumulated a couple of piles on the backyard driveway that I always had to negotiate with the GS. Well, they are now gone, and we had a lovely evening drinking wine and watching the fire. Our neighbors even said hello through the fence.