July 8, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Pool and Happy Hour covid-19: day 120 | US: GA | info | exit

So, I took my phone with me this morning on my walk down to Stump Pass Beach State Park to get a few photos, which I did, but no gopher turtles made an appearance. I was a bit later this morning, so maybe I just need to get here earlier? I’m determined now.

After my walk, we decided to use the wading pool at our cottage. This little 20'x8' pool has a waterfall and was pretty pleasant. All the water here is bath temperature, so I just wish it was a bit cooler. Still, spending an hour chilling was nice after a hot walk.

We checked out the White Elephant Pub for a late lunch. They have outdoor seating, so we figured we’d be good. We were correct, and we got a socially-distanced table right be the water. There was even a musician who covered Donald Fagen’s “The Nightfly.” Wow, and he wasn’t too bad. My drink, a Lynchville Lemonade, and fried shrimp were excellent.

We had a socially-distanced happy hour with Kip and Kathy and their friends Toni and Thomas. It was fun, albeit a bit awkward. It would be cool to spend some time with Kip one-on-one, but I feel like that will not happen. Still, we have one more day left.

Those turtles can’t hide forever.