February 13, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas


So I’ve been going though a lot of old artifacts I collected over the years. Many of them I scanned at one point, and many have dates on them. Alas, some do not, so I’m left guessing, like this one from the Florida West Coast Symphony.

West Cost Sym 1986 .jpg

I played for the Youth Orchestra for a number of years, so this could be any time throughout high school. Weird that they wouldn’t even put a date on it.

Here’s something from much earlier, I presume.


Mom was pretty good about dating some of my, uh, art, but those were mainly earlier pieces. This one is probably from the mid-70s. This was from my Big Head period, obviously. Here are some undated, random things.

Yes, that’s a thumb. Really.

Then, there’s this weird passive/aggressive latter from my Grandma Rahe, writing about herself in the third-person. Obviously, it’s for my birthday, but goodness knows which one. It might be 1989, when I lived in Cincinnati (since she asks me to call my mom), but I used to see her in-person. Probably, it’s from the early-nineties when I lived in Tampa finishing my undergrad.

1980s-Card-Grandma Rahe.jpg

Really, it could have been written by my mom.

When I do have a date, I’ve been posting artifacts as nostalgia pieces. It’s been fun, but I should be working.