December 3, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

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So I made up my mind, kinda. This might seen to be a bit odd, but I just purchased a Fujifilm X-T30 and the 23mm Fujicron. Yes, it is a cropped sensor, but the reviews are all great. However, while I really wanted the X100V, the X-T30 and this lens was cheaper and will be more versatile, albeit less cool. I also ordered adapters for my Summicrons and the Trioplan; I expect, however, that it’ll wear the 23mm most of the time. I really want to see the manual lenses on a medium-frame body.

Ordering the X-T30 will give me a camera to play with while I save for an SL or a GFX. It will also give me an opportunity to test drive Fujifilm—to see if a GFX would be right for me, or if I need to stick with Leica. Either way, it will give. me a little while to use the X-T30 as my daily driver: who knows, it might just be enough for me.

Oh, and a special shoutout to Peak Design. I have had my favorite camera strap for years, their Slide Lite Camera Strap. It feels like a seatbelt; it’s easily adjustable and is comfortable wearing all day. Also, it easily detaches from the camera when I need it to. Just a great all-around strap. However, it has this grippy area along the center, and since I’ve been carrying it in my motorcycle’s top case, it has started to become tacky—sticking all over everything. Well, Peak Design has a lifetime warranty, and even though I didn’t have the receipt and purchased it from a camera store long closed, they’re replacing it for free! That is awesome, and they have just made a customer for life. Thanks, guys: I’ll be ordering more from you soon, like maybe one of your full-size straps for my next camera.