February 8, 2020

From Gerald R. Lucas

Getting Organized

Mom says: “In Ft. Thomas, Kentucky when your dad and I were dating—probably in the late sixties.”

Taking on any sort of ancestry work requires organization. That’s what I tried to do today with the site. Mostly, I cleaned up my categories to organize posts and artifacts. I created an Ancestry category, and various subcategories for families and people, like GRL for stuff relating to me. I think this will allow for me to easily find items.[a]

I also ported the person infobox from Wikipedia, though some of the formatting still needs tweaking—probably due to the skin I’m using here. I used it to set up biography pages for myself and my main subjects currently, Dad and Mom. Autumn and Henry also have one now.

I have support from both my parents, though so far Mom is the only one to send me anything—mostly comments on her photos, which are very helpful. The photo on this post is an example. Some images need more details, but I’ll fill those in when I can. I’m looking forward to what Dad can send me. I don’t know much about his early years. Autumn even likes the idea, so we might try to include her family here, too. Now would be the time for her to talk with her parents. I hope I didn’t wait too long.


  1. One of the great features of MediaWiki is the flexibility of categories, though it can also cause a lot of problems if you don’t have a clear way to use them from the start. I find myself revising mine often.