November 12, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas
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New Web Hosting

My hosting packages are coming up for renewal. Currently, I have three hosting accounts: one for this web site which is by far my biggest, one for Project Mailer, and one for Susan Mailer. I also host a few other sites using these accounts, like Mike Lennon, so I’m thinking about moving everything to a VPS. The up sides are numerous: I will have root access and will be able to set the server up any way I want, gaining more hard drive space (which is running out here) and tons more flexibility since I will not have to deal with shared hosting and the awful cPanel. Yes, the price will increase, but not by much. And I will be responsible for security, but I’ve been doing this for a while, and I think I’m capable of handling it.

I already have a web server set up on my homelab, hosting my .com, LitWiki, the Mailer Society, LucasPix (though there’s nothing there right now), and other minor sites. These sites do not get much traffic, but so far with SSL through Cloudflare and a reverse proxy, I have had no security issues. (That I know of 😁.) This web server is a pretty straightforward LAMP setup, and I probably won’t even need a reverse proxy on the VPS, so that will be even easier to get running. Project Mailer will be the first to be moved; my hosting expires in two weeks on November 26.

I need to just go for it. Even if there’s a bit of downtime, who’s gonna complain really? Amiright?