May 16, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Photo Day


My last roll of film sent to Indie Film Lab for processing has been posted today. I sent a single roll of Kodak ProImage 100 that Henry and I finished off ten days ago in the Olympus OM-2N 📷. The roll contains images from a ride to Dublin, GA (none are remarkable), a couple of Easter shots (the last two in the gallery), a recent outing to pick strawberries (April 24), and an after-school session with Henry from the beginning of May. The latter images are the best—a couple are really stellar, like the one here.

I love the huge viewfinder in the OM-2N and focusing is a breeze. However, even using the f/1.8 lens, it can be tricky to focus then compose, like I’m used to with the digital camera. A couple of times the focus has been way off in the resulting photo. Still when I nail it, the photo looks great.

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