December 24, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

New Light

Merry Xmas to me. I recently sold my two aging Rotolight Neo lights and purchased a Lumecube Panel Pro to try out. I like the idea of a panel slightly larger than my iPhone that I can keep in my bag just in case I need a bit of light. And this one supplies it. I can adjust the color temperature, either with my iPhone or on the device itself, the power and color. It does stobe effects, too, but I can’t see where a still photographer would ever use that. It also came with a part that I can use to mount it to the hot shoe of the camera.

So I got it out tonight, and here’s a sample. The light might have been a bit warm, but it worked perfectly. I turned it on and set it on the couch beside me before I took this shot. What a difference.

Here’s hoping there’s a 35 Summilux under the tree for me. Merry Xmas.