November 16, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

And It’s Live

As I talked about a couple of days ago, my new VPS is now live. It was much easier than I thought it would be. All of my web sites that were posted on three shared hosting accounts have been ported to the new VPS, and I’m using about 40% of my allotted storage of 40GB. Not only do I have root access, but I’m saving money. That’s a win-win! Everything seems to be functioning as expected—evidenced by the fact that this very page is rendering. Go, me. I’m so thankful I created my own homelab, as that experience has given me the confidence to run my own server out in the wild.


OK, so I ran into a couple of minor hiccups, but nothing that I couldn’t fix quickly. This site was the last I transferred because it’s arguably my most important, since it contains syllabi. You know that students can’t do anything without the syllabi. They’re like religious texts, you know. So what sites is this new server hosting? Well, there’s:

That’s all for now. Oh, and Big Jelly just forwards to this site for now.

I’m soon going to have something for photography ( is currently on my homelab doing nothing) and a new site called “Digital Prof” that will be hosted at and will market my new media services to academics, kind of like I’ve done for those above. I got the idea while running yesterday; I wanted or even, but of course some dillhole owns them and is trying to sell them as “premium domains.” Thanks a lot. (Seriously, is anyone who would buy either of those domain names going to be able to afford to pay a premium price? People suck.)

So, I figure one marketable talent that I have is supporting the digital needs of academic professionals—I used to do that with MacTampa back in the day. Yet, instead of being Mac-centric, I’ll be academic-centric: I can do everything from one-page web sites, to installing teaching resources, to supporting larger Digital Humanities projects, and even to offering traditional editing and proofreading services. Yeah, I know: who has the time for a side hustle? Well, if I have the time, I’ll see what happens. Maybe it could lead to a career shift. Who knows.