November 21, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Building with Ghost

The more I work with Ghost, the more I like it. I’ve made about forty posts on LucasPix from the archive. It’s been fun going back through my work over the past two decades to see (1) some pretty good stuff, and (2) just how much I’ve grown as a photographer and editor. I’m only posting portraits, since that is the main focus of LucasPix and any potential gigs that might come of it. Currently, I’m not seeking paid jobs, but I could change in the future. I do need to start being more proactive in getting some portrait sessions. There’s a lot of Henry and Autumn featured right now.


I love how it uses images—especially in galleries, like this post for Heidi. All of Ghost’s themes share a similar look—very elegant and minimal. That may be a reason I’m drawn to the platform. The theme I’m using is called Edge, and all it’s really missing is the date and tags for each entry. I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to tweak the theme to add these.

One of the coolest features of Ghost is the ability to subscribe to web sites. Ghost allows anyone to sign up, and it allows paid tiers, too. So, if I had content that folks wanted to see, I could possibly get paid for it by offering paid subscriptions. I’ll have to think about this. In fact, this makes me think I need to port the Mailer Society web site to Ghost—if for nothing else but to give folks the ability to subscribe and grow our audience. Mediawiki is just not good for that. I don’t think it would take me too long to build a site. This could be a holiday project—and maybe and, too.

Ghost gives me granular control over members, too. I have even turned on discussions/comments for members—not that I’m expecting much activity.

I have to get a logo for the site. I’m thinking I might get a similar look for both LucasPix and DigitalProf—maybe a combination of a digital-style font and a more old-skool one. I’m using the Leica logo right now on the site, but that could be trouble.

Coming along.