October 16, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Sunday Ride

Today’s weather was lovely, and Autumn and Henry were just sitting around the house, so I decided to take a short ride. I packed up the Leica M8, the Ultron 2/28, and the Color-Skopar 3.5/21 and hit the road. I wanted to take some shots of the GS on the bridge in Juliette, so I took a circuitous route there. As I awaited Giles, I walked around with the M8 and took some shots, switching to the 21mm for some. I liked the couple of shots I took on the bridge, but this one is probably my favorite.


The photos I took with the river in the background came out with the BMW R 1200 GS too dark. The levels are always off this way. However, the river seems to act as a huge reflector, so the colors and available light on the above photo seem perfect to me.

Check out the other photos in the gallery. Can you tell which were taken with the 21? Permalink: https://grlu.us/202210116