February 4, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Windows 10, Baby! covid-19: day 678 | US: GA | info | act


Windows 10 is now running flawlessly on the new centerpiece of my homelab. I followed Techno Tim’s tutorial for installing Windows 10, and it worked like a champ—even with the measly 8GB RAM and two cores I could spare to run it. Using Microsoft Remote Desktop, I was able to connect to the virtual machine, and it just worked. It is responsive and smooth, even over WiFi. Very cool.

So, I played a bit, setting up my university email and installing Office directly from the university’s servers—not that I have much use for Office. I installed Firefox, much to the disappointment of Windows—it tried to dissuade me, saying the Edge has it all. Yeah, right.

I played around a bit more with Windows 10. It’s an OK system, though still overly complicated and somewhat aesthetically questionable. At least I can keep this virtual machine around for whan I need to run something under Windows which comes up occasionally.

Maybe I’ll transfer all my university work over to Windows. I don’t know if I want to force myself to use it...