October 2, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Lazy Sunday; Looking Forward

While Autumn went off with some friends to brunch, Henry and I stayed home to be lazy. We worked on a Lego project for a little while after I soaked up the sun a bit more post-run. The weather was gorgeous: the day was like a comfortable blanket that I wanted to wrap myself in and take a nap. Of course I took a few photos.

I gave my BMW R 1200 GS a cursory “wash”: I sprayed the problem areas and wiped them down. I got all the guts and grit and grime without all the hassle of a hose, sponge, and the other accouterments of a real wash. I just wish I was cleaning in preparation for an epic ride. Alas, there’s too much to do.

Giles has returned an updated Lipton’s manuscript, and I have endnotes to comb through, copyedit, and add any new entries to the index. The end is in sight, but I still have some work to do. Likewise, Maggie and I nearly have all of the final edits for Reflections back, too, so this volume is almost complete and ready to be sent to the printer. It will be good to get this off our desks.

Tomorrow, I’m heading south for a couple of days. My face-to-face students have their assignments, and I will slowly get essays and tests in this week to evaluate. We are sliding into midterm this week, so we can look forward to Thanksgiving already—that’s our next big break. Henry has his annual check-up tomorrow, and we should finally have the electrical issue with our stove resolved before I leave in the morning.

Fall finally feels like it’s begun. Happy fall, all.