January 3, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Monday covid-19: day 647 | US: GA | info | act

Syllabus one, for my two, face-to-face sections of World Literature is complete. I’m not thrilled about having these in-person, especially when I have an excellent online course ready-to-go. Instead, I have to create a brand new online section of ENGL 1102 and teach another seconds session section Brit Lit 2. These should be reversed. I’d like to be in the classroom for Brit Lit at least once. 1102 shouldn’t be too big a deal to put online. Just more work. Welcome to the spring semester. Oh, and did you hear, the pandemic has ended, too! Omicron? Nothing to worry about.

Bad weather howled through last night and knocked out power for most of the day today. A large tree fell across Rivoli this morning taking power lines with it. That’s pretty de rigeur around here. Oddly, it seemed to happen after the storms blew through. It figures the power would be out today since Henry’s back in school and I could actually get some work done. I suppose I still have a bit of time.

I started on my planned strategy for the online courses. I updated “Reading in College.” More on this later.