April 11, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

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Mike, Susan, and I have been working on Norman Mailer’s cannabis journal from the mid–50s, called Lipton’s Journal, and now we have a URL: liptonsjournal.com. The digital project has been posted for a while, but since we’re working on a book for the Mailer centenary and the Times Literary Supplement will be publishing a selected few entries from the journal this fall, I thought a domain was called for. Currently, it just forwards to Project Mailer, but I figure that when we start marketing the book, it can have its own simple web site. I spent much of the morning revising the introduction and editors’ note for the book. Although the Norman Mailer Society will be publishing the book initially, I still think it’s something an academic press would be interested in. We’ll see.


I’m home sick today. It’s either the second COVID booster I got last Thursday (!); or the ubiquitous and insidious pollen is affecting me more as I age; or I caught some spring bullshit bug; or some combination of the three. Autumn has given me two COVID tests, and both have been negative. Whatever it is, it’s fairly consistent and relentless. My ears are stopped up today, and I have the runny nose and sinus headache. I’ve had enough already. I’m going through tissues like a hormonal teenager.

As I write, our new Eufy robot vacuum is cleaning our floors. So far, it’s been running strong for almost an hour-and-a-half. That sure beats our retired Deebot who crapped out before 15 minutes. The new ’bot is quieter, but it gets hung-up on the usual stuff and needs rescuing. Also, unlike Deebot, it does not have an app. No biggie, I guess.