October 1, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Starting Spooky Season

Adeline and Henry // Leica M8 // Ultron 2/28

We started October off with friends and a fire. OF course, I brought along the Leica M8 wearing the Ultron 2/28 since I thought I’d have some golden hour to work with. They live in Jones Country, so it takes a minute to get there, but it’s a nice place and the kids love each other. Since Adeline is no longer at Montessori, only meet-ups like this allow them to see each other any more. Henry and Adeline get along well—as do we adults, so we like to take these opportunities.

We got there late, predictably, shared a meal, groused about work, and just enjoyed the slow afternoon. The kids made s’mores and played with the fire—like you do. I managed to get a few good shots, including the one here which was right before I lost adequate light. Henry, of course, has to give the goofy smile. I wonder where he learned that?

The M8 performed well. In some of the photos, the highlights appear overexposed, but Capture One Pro is able to tone them down. The highlights are not as recoverable as the shadows, and the dynamic range of the CCD sensor is not as good as the CMOS, but most of the images have a lovely analog quality.

I used my new Leica grip: a great little eBay purchase that arrived yesterday. I’m not totally sold on the look of the grip, but it sure does add a solid handhold to the camera, and I was able to snag it for an excellent price with the original box. As it replaces the whole bottom plate of the camera, I can swap it with the original at any time. It does not add to the look of the camera, but adds significantly to the feel. Overall, the M8 did a great job capturing a few good moments as the sun ducked west on the first day of October.

Check out some more images in the gallery. Thanks to Elaina, Travis, Adeline, and Caz for the fun evening. Happy October!

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