December 31, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas


Now this is cool. I watched a couple of YouTube videos on Midjourney—I guess since I watched a few on ChatGTP—and started playing. Holy cow, is this addictive. I tried a number of prompts, sometimes using a reference photograph. Probably my favorite one used a hipster photo of Mailer from the mid-fifties; my prompts included “photograph, fifties, jazz club, city street.”

Grlucas photo from 1950s standing on a crowded city street at n c3a44e6a-87bb-48cc-88b3-9bee70d07747.png

How cool is that? I know it doesn’t look exactly like Mailer, but damn it’s pretty darn close. It suggests Mailer as Hipster—an AI rendering of Mailer as white negro, perhaps. I tried another with a photo of myself, and prompted “retro future”:

Grlucas 1690s retro future photograph realistic 57649bff-5e47-4ede-a39c-09f3a4da463f.png

Yes, there are some odd artifacts (why is the couch in the street? what’s up with the hands?) and the person only vaguely resembles me, but the feeling of the image is cool. I tried an anime style with one of my favorite photos of Autumn:

Progress image 100 7186d5cb-0f0c-4cde-a3c6-441b2f58a4f8.jpeg

So cool. Midjourney seems to do “anime style” pretty well, though this render looks nothing like Autumn. This one does not either, but I love how the AI kept the feel of the original:

Grlucas cyberpunk girl highly detailed bdf48ec9-85b0-4bdf-b750-bf2e322764af.png

And this image is based off of this photo of Autumn raiding the refrigerator; I used “cross-processed 70s” as part of the prompt:

Grlucas cross-processed photograph 1970s highly detailed 94bc57a6-4018-4f0a-884c-4a2b7023a931.png

These were my successful images; many were not. I think I’m going to try to use this to generate photos for journal posts—especially if I don’t have my own original photos. I figure I’ll get better at prompting the AI as I gain experience. For now, I’m having a lot of fun. For now, here’s a rendering of Circe “casting a spell in the style of Waterhouse.”

Grlucas Circe casting spell with magic wand full body with arms 5065e382-3ae4-41bb-bee2-55b39cc84009.png

Oh, what fun... See my other creations on my profile page.