February 24, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Feedback, London Response (ENGL 1102)

ENGL 1102 Feedback, S22

Half-way to the next major essay, this week was your response to Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.” Other than the fact that man of you are getting better at your responses, I don’t really have anything new to add. The errors continue to be the same as I have already outlined, sometimes several times. If your grade is lower than you expect, please review my previous feedback posts linked on the right. Some of the errors that are still being made are:

  1. Posting only once or at the last minute. Repeating or not adding anything to the discussion.
  2. Neglecting to proofread and/or revise. Typos and wordiness.
  3. Not researching even though this has been a requirement since day one.
  4. Not linking correctly, or not contextualizing your links.
  5. Doing the bare minimum.

By this point of the semester (nearing midterm), you should be doing well on these response/discussions. If you are still having difficulties, I recommend making an appointment with me to discuss it.