December 15, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas


Yes, I’m enjoying my break. Even though I can’t shut off my university email completely, I’m doing my best to ignore it and work on some me-projects. I have implemented a backup strategy for my VPS and working on the same for my homelab. I enjoy writing bash scripts, even if mine are fairly rudimentary.

This morning, I upgraded LitWiki to Mediawiki version 1.39.0. Upgrading Mediawiki is no joke, but I finally managed to get everything working—that I’m able to see and test. Apparently this is the LTS version, so I should be good for a while. Now, I have to do Project Mailer and this site. Both are running version of Mediawiki that are out-of-date—especially this site—which means I’ll do it last. PM will be next: maybe tomorrow.

I have been working on LucasPix, DigitalProf, and the Norman Mailer Society over the last couple of weeks. They are all running Ghost now, and Giles has helped me a great deal with the branding on each, though I think the NMS site needs a new big image on the landing page. On LucasPix, I have been going through my old photos, and I’m not that pleased with work older than a few years. I think if I went back and re-edited the RAW files, I might get brand new images. I may try that over the next few days. DigitalProf and the NMS sites just need new or ported content. I’m working on it.

We received an update on Lipton’s: apparently we have a publisher interested in working with us. After the fiasco with SUNY Press, I’m wary of this type of “good news.” However, it’s nice to see some movement, and getting a contract would make a great Xmas present. Fingers crossed.

I’m reading short stories by Alastair Reynolds. Some of them are not-so-short. I’m enjoying them, but I feel as if I should be reading a big novel over the break. I might have to get to it.