September 18, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

New Permalinks

Wanting to link Instagram posts to journal entries, I came up with a scheme. I purchased as my short link URL, and I will just add whatever I want to the end of it to make the link. I figure using the date is the most logical, so for today, it would be, placed for now at the bottom, right of each entry. I could also use the title or some derivation of. I can then place this shorter URL directly in Instagram posts or wherever else I want to use it. I’m going to do this manually for now, but there appear to be self-hosted software solutions for this very thing. I’ll have to investigate. Also, I wonder if I could somehow tie this into an RSS feed? That might be worth looking into.

Clicking on the plink below is giving me a 404. How about That one seems to work. Still tweaking...

Today, we’re going to the Ocmulgee celebration. Hopefully, that will give me a chance to use the M8 while out and about. More later.

Asterisk-trans.png          Asterisk-trans.png          Asterisk-trans.png

We met some friends at the indigenous celebration, had some food, let the kids play, and walked to the big mound. I carried my new Peak Design Sling (3L) and the M8. The whole kit was light and easily portable, and the M8 performed well. I posted most of the photos in the gallery. My favorite from the day is this shot of Henry and his walking stick ready to tackle the short hike to the big mound. He’s a regular explorer, this one.

The photos from today all used my new IR cut filter, and I do notice a difference. I love the way this Ultron renders: a contemporary vintage look might encompass it. This example is at f/2, but there’s very little vignetting and a nice separation between the subject and the background blur. I like the color rendering of this combo, though there’s not much of it to see in this sample.

Henry and I walked to the mound and got a few more photographs. It was a lovely day, just bordering on hot. In all, a nice afternoon with friends.