August 27, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

New Regime

Since cutting way back on my drinking, I’ve had a sweet tooth. Kip told me that he experienced the same thing. I thought that by not drinking on a regular basis, I would be able to control my weight a little easier. I was mistaken. After dinner, I want fruity, sweet candy, like Starburst, Sweet Tarts, or Spree. Bomb Pops. Sheesh.

So yesterday, I fell down this rabbit hole. I watched this dude’s hour-long sales pitch about his fitness app, and I decided to give it a try. Most of what he said makes sense to me and my experience, so while the web site and sales approach are skeevy as hell, the program seems like it is something I can do. I’m usually pretty good at things like this, so maybe it’s time for a lifestyle change. No, I’m not fat, but I’m unhappy with my body and the way my clothes fit—or more accurately—don’t fit these days. It’s time to do something. I’ll report back.

It’s been a busy week. Maybe all I can expect these days is a once-a-week journal update with my coffee on Saturday morning.

Thesandman season1.jpg

I started Sandman, and while I’m not a big contemporary fantasy lover—or comic book lover, the episodes “24/7” and “The Sound of Her Wings” were excellent. The first half of the season is Dream getting his mojo back after being imprisoned for over 100 years. They were interesting, and maybe his trip to hell and subsequent battle with Lucifer was the highlight—Gwendoline Christie as the Devil is the best casting choice of the season. It seems the latter half of the season will center around Rose Walker. It’s fun, but I’m definitely a sf man.

Oh, and speaking of fantasy, House of the Dragon started last Sunday. I liked the premiere, so it seems we’ll have a strong season over the next couple of months.

I finally finished Redemption Ark and started Absolution Gap. It begins about twenty years after the previous novel ended; there are new characters, new planets, new ships, and the Inhibitors are still lurking about. The new crew of Ultras seems right out of Hellraiser—though ReynoldsUltras always seem to be a bit chaotic evil. This novel seems to center on a planet orbiting a gas giant and a new set of alien relics that have something to do with settlers and a new religion. It’s developing slowly and deftly, and it takes places in three different time periods. It’s good so far.

I finished up the first copyedit of Reflections: Norman Mailer at 100—a short book of remembrances that Maggie and I are editing for Norman Mailer’s centenary. There’s some good stuff within, the highlights to me are the paeans by Colum McCann and Oliver Stone. And thanks to Giles, I’m now starting on the index for Lipton’s Journal.

Finally, my 1101 students began working on their collaborative project on LitWiki this week. While I am forever the optimist in these matters, this will be a struggle, I’m afraid.

Happy weekend.