July 8, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

MacBook Air Ordered!


Well, I did it. Finally. I’ve been needing to update my daily driver for a while now, and I finally made a decision and ordered a new M2 MacBook Air in “Midnight.” Yes, I know that many have reported that this color collects fingerprints, but I wanted to try it. I figure I could always get a skin if it annoys me. I purchased the M2 chip with 10 GPU cores and bumped the RAM to 16 GB. It also has a 512 GB SSD, so I should be good for a while. It should be a significant upgrade to my 2017 MacBook Pro with the i5, though honestly, this has been a stellar machine for me. It’s going to go to a good home, however.

I had considered getting the MacBook Pro, but when I really thought about it, I’m not a pro user. The closest I come to that is photo post-production which this new Air should do just fine. Otherwise, I use the computer a lot, but mostly for web browsing, terminal stuff, notekeeping, and other low-intensity uses. I do think the Air will be just fine for me. If not, well, I can always sell the Air and upgrade to a Pro.

I ordered the computer as soon as it became available on the Apple Store, so I hope it arrives sooner than projected. I know there have been supply chain issues because of COVID-19, so I think I can be patient.

Asterisk-trans.png          Asterisk-trans.png          Asterisk-trans.png

reMarkable Update

I’ve been using my reMarkable 2 for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve really been enjoying it.

I used it to take notes while reading Never Let Me Go, a professional activity that I’ve used my computer and iPad for in the past. It’s fun going back to writing my notes, though I’m not sure how organized they will be. The sample image to the right is from the reMarkable app on my Mac, but it looks just like a scanned page from my notebook. I’ve also been loading up with other professional documents, like lecture notes, criticism, and some primary texts. This fall will be the big test: I will to use it for lesson plans, attendance, and other daily activities. So far, so good.