December 4, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

NMS Update

The Norman Mailer Society has a new web site. While Mediawiki works well here, it did not work so well for the Society web site. Since I’ve been using Ghost for LucasPix and DigitalProf, I thought it would also make a good platform for the Society. So, I spent a bit of time over the last few days porting the most important parts of the Society web site to Ghost. Et voilà! — the Society now has a new web presence.


Giles has been helping me out with the lead image, so this one is likely a placeholder. Also, the name may be replaced with our logo, too. I’ve ported much of the news from 2022 to the CMS, so it’s already a functional site. I’m hoping to use the subscription function here, including giving folks the ability to join the Society this way. I can even offer exclusive content to members. I have to work out how to do this, so this access level is coming soon. In the mean time, anyone may subscribe. I may leave some of the archival content on Project Mailer, since transferring it all would be tedious.

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