February 11, 2022

From Gerald R. Lucas

Unit 3 Feedback on Chopin and Silko covid-19: day 685 | US: GA | info | act

Sorry that I am a bit late with the feedback this week, but I have had some other deadlines that I had to meet. In all, I believe that many of you are improving on these research/response posts. Many of you are trying to incorporate secondary sources for support, thus making the discussion more fruitful and nuanced. This is the whole idea. That said, many of you are still making the same missteps that I have outlined in my previous feedback; make sure you review those.

ENGL 1102 Feedback, S22

First, I want to give an example of a strong response:

The author, u/kkeen01, found a strong source (an article in a scholarly journal), incorporated the title and link correctly in her writing (as Digital Citation outlines), and gave a succinct explanation that added to the conversation. Well done. Two things could be address: (1) this was posted a coupe of hours before the due date, so likely not many of you even saw it, and (2) it does not make clear where in the article her summary comes from—parenthetical page numbers should make this clear. Still, this is a strong post, and I gave her the “helpful” award. This is first award I have passed out this semester; I hope it’s the first of many.

Again, please stop being so formal. How many times do I have to read something like “In ‘Yellow Woman’ by Leslie Marmon Silko, the main characters . . .” This is unnecessary, as you are posting in a thread about “YW.” You needn’t repeat all this as if readers would be confused. Just get to your point.

Remember, you must post a minimum of two times to each forum. If you only post once, you will not earn a passing grade—especially if it’s at the last-minute. That said, I am happy that most of you seem to be getting to these responses early. Well done there.

Again, I’m interested in your feedback and questions. Please post them by clicking the comment icon on the lower-right.

Finally, as you work on your first papers, be sure you’re going to the Writing Center. This is part of the assignment and will cost you points if I do not get a report that you attended a tutoring session. Please do not ignore integral parts of the assignment.

I’m looking forward to your first papers. Questions about that may also be posted on this thread.

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